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Direct Mail Return Mail Analysis

The sl_direct_mail_return extension does the same like the returnmail.phpsh script which is shipped with the direct_mail extension except it uses php imap functions to fetch returned mails from your pop3/imap mailbox. So no fetchmail installation/configuration is required on your server.


Setup a mailbox and configure the direct_mail Module to use this mailbox as ReturnPath. See section „Configuring the analysis of returned mails” in the direct_mail manual for details. You now can use this extension to fetch returned mails from this mailbox without the use of fetchmail.

During installation of the extension you need to fill the required fields:


is the type of your mailbox use IMAP, POP or IMAPS (IMAPS is not tested!). If you need special parameters you can pass your string directly to the imap_open() function. So you can e.g. use


to establish a (custom) imap connection.


Inbox is the name of your Inbox usually “INBOX”.

Host is the host of your mail server.

Username and Password are used to open the connection.

Process mails per cycle define how many mails per run the script will process.

Setting up the cron job The script should configured as a cron task on the server.

In this example setting, the script will be invoked every 5 minutes and will check if any mails need to be processed:

*/5 * * * * /.../typo3conf/ext/sl_direct_mail_return/scripts/returnmail.phpsh > /dev/null

Note that the absolute path to the script must be specified.

Also note that returnmail.phpsh is a shell script and requires the availability of a PHP binary, „/usr/bin/php”. Depending on your server configuration, you may have to edit the first line of the script to refer to the location of the PHP binary.

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